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Hello dear followers !

Twice a year, speedrunner from everywhere in the world go to Denver, for a great week of speedrunning and vidéogame challenge. The goal of those very intensive (24h24/ without break) event is to raise money to charity !

The AGDQ take place in january, and the SGDQ take…

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clandestine-obeisance-deactivat asked: Oh, I nearly forgot about the drawing part... But I will make something easy, or at least I hope it is easy. Maybe Solaire finally finding his very own sun? I just love him too much and I would literally cry if you'd draw that for me ;w;




did you mean this sun


i cant


he found it

I can’t like this post. I can’t.

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Tori | Society6


Hello everyone !

I opened a shop on Society6 ! 

I’ll try to do some special design for print ! Let me know if you want to see something special here (from my other illustrations or something new! ^^)

Also, i opened a shop on for sell original, but yet, it’s empty !

I’ll make a post for any big update here ^_^! 

Reblogging here : ) 

I opened a shop online ! wihhh ! 

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Posters, shirts and more by crowsmack on etsy.

YES ! His work is amazing !

But please, take care, a lot of people use his work (Solaire artwork mostly) without his permission, on phone case and such, so if you buy one of those design (poster or something else) ALWAYS check you are on Crowsmack page ! 

Say “nope” to Art thief. 

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